Referral Discounts Scheme & Criteria

Earn Revenue From Our Referral scheme

As an early adopter and by referring your trading partners it is possible to significantly reduce your compliance cost or potentially gain access to our services for FREE after which all referrals would be credited to your bank account.

  • A credit of £100 p.c.m on from your monthly subscription is available for each new referral. That’s £1,200 per annum.
  • The credit is available for as long as the customer remains in the scheme as a portal member.
  • Your total discount can surpass your total monthly charge, at this point your bank account would be credited monthly.
  • The referred customer must comply with membership criteria.

Claiming Referrals

New members will have the opportunity on registration to outline the existing portal member of which referred them.

Once confirmed the discount will be applied within the referring members billing section of the portal as well as a notifacation outlining the credit.