Privacy Policy


  1. Who we are
  2. The information we process
  3. How we obtain information
  4. Your rights
  5. How we use and share your information
  6. Sharing with third parties
  7. Transferring information overseas
  8. How long we keep your information
  9. Security
  10. Marketing
  11. Schedule of Purposes of Processing
  12. Contractual necessity
  13. Legal Obligations

  1. Who we are

This privacy notice applies to all personal information processing activities carried out by The Due Diligence Exchange Ltd

The Due Diligence Exchange is a data controller in respect of personal information that we process in connection with our business.

Our principal address is 21 Nether Lane, Flore, NN7 4LR, and our contact details can be found at

We respect individual’s rights to privacy and to the protection of personal information. The purpose of this privacy notice is to explain how we collect and use personal information in connection with our business. “Personal information means information about a living individual who can be identified from that information (either by itself or when it is combined with other information).

  1. The information we process

We collect and process various categories of personal information at the beginning and for the duration of your relationship with The Due Diligence Exchange Ltd. We will limit to collection and processing of information necessary to achieve one of the more legitimate purposes as identified in this notice. Personal information may include:

  1. Basic personal information including name, address, date of birth and contact details.
  2. Financial information for compliance with Money Laundering Regulations (“MLR”), Alcohol Wholesale Registration Scheme (“AWRS”), Notice 196 – duty suspense and other relevant HMRC notices.
  • Visual images and personal appearance to comply with “MLR” such as copies of passport, driving licence, utility bills, company registrations required for trade e.g. AWRS, WOWGR etc
  1. Information with regards to personnel involved with the company, next of kin, dependants and social circumstances (i.e. beneficiaries, proof of identity and contact details)
  2. Previous employment experience information
  3. Services provided

Where permitted by law, we may process information about criminal convictions or offences and alleged offences for specific and limited activities and purposed set out in section 11.

  1. How we obtain information

Your information is made up of financial and personal information we collect and hold and you /your business and the proprietors, officers and owners of that business. It includes: –

  1. The information you give to us
  2. Information we receive from third parties
  3. Information that we learn from you through our relationship
  4. Information we gather from technology, i.e. mobile phone, IP address or telephone number
  5. Information we gather from publicly available sources, i.e. electoral register, company registers and online search engines

Your rights

We want to make sure you are aware of your rights in relation to the personal information we process about you. These are shown in the table below.

If you wish to exercise any of your rights or have any queries about how we use your personal information, please contact The Due Diligence Exchange Ltd.

Please note that in some cases, if you do not agree to the way we process your information, it may not be possible for us to continue to provide services to you.

Your rights

5. How we use and share your information

We will only use and share your information where it is necessary for us to lawfully carry out our business activities. We have described the purposed for which your information may be used in detail in section 11.

6. Sharing with third parties

We will not share your information with anyone outside The Due Diligence Exchange Ltd except:
• Where we have your permission
• Where required for your service
• Where were required to by law and by law enforcement agencies, judicial bodies, government entities, tax authorities or regulatory bodies around the world
• With debt collection agencies
• Where permitted by law, it is necessary for our legitimate interests or those of a third party, and it is not inconsistent with the purposes listed above
The Due Diligence Exchange Ltd will not share your information with third parties for their own marketing purposes without your permission.

7. Transferring information overseas – Do we need to add information to this section

We may transfer your information to organisations in other countries on the basis that anyone to whom we pass it protects it in the same way we would and in accordance with applicable laws.
In the event that we transfer information to countries outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”) (which includes countries in the European Union (“EU”) as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and UAE), we will only do so where
• The European Commission has decided that the country or the organisation we are sharing your information with will protect your information adequately
• The transfer has been authorised by the relevant data protection authority.

8. How long we keep your information

By providing you with services, we create records that contain your information. Records can be held on a variety of media (physical or electronic) and formats.

Retention periods for client information are determined by the nature of services provided and the applicable local legal/regulatory requirements.

9. Security

We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure with us and any third parties who act on our behalf.

10. Marketing

Unless you have told us that you do not want to hear from us, or you don’t have a direct relationship with The Due Diligence Exchange Ltd, we will send you relevant marketing information (including details of other products and services provided by us which we believe may be of interest to you), by email, phone and other forms of electronic communication. If you change your mind about how you would like us to contact you or you no longer wish to receive this information, you can let us know anytime by emailing us at

11. Schedule of Purposes of Processing

We will only use and share your information where it is necessary for us to carry out our lawful business activities

12. Contractual necessity

We may process your information where it is necessary to enter into a contract with you for the provision of our services or to perform our obligations under that contract. Please note if you do not agree to provide us with the requested information then it may not be possible for us to continue to provide our services to you.

13. Legal Obligations

When you request use of our services we are required by law to collect and process certain personal information about you. Please note if you do not agree to provide us with the requested information then it may not be possible for us to continue to provide our services to you. These may include processing to:
• Confirm your identity
• Comply with laws relating to money laundering, fraud, terrorist financing etc.
• Share data with police, law enforcement, tax authorities or other government agencies where we have a legal obligation.

End Of Policy