The complete online compliance management system designed to meet all of your due diligence obligations, protect you from threats to your registrations and avoid disruptions to trade.

DDE Portal is designed to provide you with the complete online compliance management system necessary to meet the ever-increasing level of expectation for legally required due diligence controls and ensure the highest level of protection for all registrations critical for trade.

A business’s day to day due diligence controls and ongoing assessments of risk have now become the key focus for HMRC in all assurance visits. During these meetings HMRC will test the effectiveness of a business’s FITTED due diligence controls to assess whether they remain ‘fit and proper’ for the purposes of retaining their registrations for trade. Many businesses within the industry are now receiving heavy criticism and threats against their registrations as a result of them not meeting the expectations and requirements of HMRC.

By centralising all evidence of your FITTED due diligence controls, checks and ongoing assessments of risk DDE Portal streamlines the due diligence process whilst significantly increasing the level of compliance. Our system facilitates the documentation and generation of an extensive volume of due diligence actions and considerations with minimal input from the user.

DDE Portal simplifies due diligence, giving you the ability to trade without worry

Request FITTED due diligence reports to be prepared by The Due Diligence Exchange Ltd at a click of a button. The process and reports provided by The Due Diligence Exchange Ltd have been successfully tried and tested in the legal arena for over a decade ensuring the highest level of compliance with HMRC due diligence requirements. Each membership includes a prepaid a location of these reports meaning that work would commence immediately upon us receiving the request, therefore, increasing efficiency and expediting the whole process in order to commence trade sooner.

Members with access to desktop audit reports will gain the benefit of our extensive due diligence database by being able to request reports on any businesses within our database at no extra cost. This enables members to assess potential new trading partners suitability for trade without incurring additional cost, therefore facilitating trade and increasing the volume of viable commercial opportunities for trade in a safe environment.

DDE Portal enables us to act as your ‘compliance conscience’ meaning you don’t have to worry about remembering whether you have completed all necessary actions and instead focus on commercially beneficial trading activities. The notification features of DDE Portal will automatically generate reminders to be sent to your membership area highlighting any key actions that you may need to take internally. For example, if you have read a report but not completed your risk assessment DDE Portal will remind you to do so until this is complete or has been escalated to us to contact you to offer assistance. We will also have complete visibility of your compliance controls in order to ensure you achieve the highest level of due diligence and to enable us to offer ongoing training and feedback.

Add all trading partners to the portal to demonstrate documented risk assessments into all areas of trade, irrespective of the size of the company. This is legally required even for brand owners and by using the ‘add a trading partner’ feature you can easily demonstrate you have considered all relevant risks. Even if the risk is nil this will be recorded and documented as per the legal requirements of Notice 2002: AWRS and Notice 196. Monthly VAT, AWRS, Companies House and other relevant checks will be completed automatically for all trading partners on a monthly basis as part of your ongoing due diligence controls. This feature could also be used for customers or suppliers further up or down the supply chain to enable you to record considerations of risk and checks made into your overall supply chains.

Complete audit trails of all due diligence records in one place which would enable you to prepare for any compliance related HMRC meetings within minutes. DDE Portal enables you to select the trading partners, date ranges and details you require to automatically collate all documents, records, risk assessments and reports you require for HMRC with our audit feature. Prepare for HMRC assurance meetings within minutes.

DDE Portal also enables you to record any ongoing risk assessments and/or considerations against each individual trading partner with all notes being date and time stamped. This provides you irrefutable evidence that these assessments and judgements were made at the appropriate time in order to mitigate risk when having to provide this evidence to HMRC.

The Due Diligence Exchange Ltd is the preferred due diligence partner for Unitas Wholesale Ltd demonstrating the level of confidence you can have when engaging our services. As engagement with DDE Portal increases all members will gain access to a rapidly increasing level of due diligence information and intelligence to better protect their registrations from attack and expedite the due diligence process.