Ultimate Self Compliance.

DDE Portal simplifies due diligence, Giving you the ability to trade without worry.

Reports Delivered
Overseas Business Reports
Clients Assisted

Add all trading partners to the portal to demonstrate documented risk assessments.

Complete audit trails of all due diligence records in one place.

  • Fastrack FITTED Due Diligence Report requests at the click of a button.
  • Provision of desktop audit reports which enables access to over a decades worth of tried and tested due diligence information and reports.
  • Ongoing compliance reminders, recommendations and training.
  • A safe environment to explore new trading relationships and increase the oppurtunity for comercial gain.
  • Ability to add all trading partners to easily record risk considerations of risk and evidence of due diligence in all areas of trade.
  • Automatic monthly due diligence checks on trading partners providing an instant update of any potential change in risk.
  • Automatically recorded audit trail for all due diligence actions therefore evidencing a substantially higher level of compliance.
  • Unlimited centralised storage for all due diligence records and evidence.
  • Easily compile and print all evidence and records of your due diligence controls at the click of a button. DDE Portal date and timestamp features ensure that members can provide irrefutable evidence of due diligence actions being taken at the appropriate time.

Be Part of The Revouloutinary DDE Portal

Secure Storage

All Compliance securely stored in one easy to use location with added audit trails.

Smart Reminders

Notification system keeping you up to date and compliant at all times.

Compliance Support

Expert team on hand to support and keep you compliant.

The best compliance solution for your business


£ 875 Monthly +VAT
  • Small business compliance


£ 1350 Monthly +VAT
  • Medium size business compliance


£ 1650 Monthly +VAT
  • Large business in depth compliance